• Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Recently, I went home to see my family and I brought my girlfriend to meet them. I like that my family still lives in the same general area where I grew up so that I can say “home” in that context other than the “home” that I feel here in Vancouver. I would say that the trip was pretty much the most perfect encounter I could imagine. It had a lot of fun elements: family, relaxation, tourism, luxury, nostalgia. And I can see even more cool elements occurring in the future: culture, beauty, friends, more fun.

In the past, I’ve had girlfriends who would tease me about having a Norman Rockwell family and frankly, it’s true. It’s not that we’re all perfect or anything like that. It’s just that we choose to be nice to each other, polite even. And the niceness isn’t forced. It comes naturally from completely accepting each other for who we are. For some people that would be weird, but in the culture of my family nice is normal and appreciated. When we have a few days together, we talk about how things are going in our lives – doing our best to focus on the positive. We talk about our pets, the weather, plans for continually improving life and various other relatively surface conversations. There’s great love between all of us. There’s hugs and “I love you” salutations, but no gushing. Not a lot of overt affection. The love is known. Certain.

In my consciousness and spiritual reading and discovering I’ve been coming across the idea a lot lately about choosing our lives here on earth and choosing the family we are born into. I feel like I chose a rather easy ride this life. That’s not to say I haven’t had challenges, I have, thank god (I need some challenges). But, the ease with which I’m able to move on from the challenges is quite noticeable. At the moment I’m feeling a sense of Ease and Simplicity being a theme in this life. Not a bad theme, if I may say so myself. It’s a theme that is unique to my character, that’s for sure.

I feel a sense of ease when I’m with my family. They’ve always left me alone to do whatever I want without judgement. My path of life tends to be all over the place and some parents might feel compelled to help steer me in a straighter line (so to speak). But they don’t. They just listen to whatever new story I have about what I do with my time, my job, my art, my love and they love me for it and trust that I am taking care of myself. I always do. And they know that.

I think of this idea of choosing our lives as being a mental symbol. My mind knows what “choosing” means, but the “reality” of it in the context of “spirit” is something else. But, since I think with my mind then using mental symbols with the knowledge that “there’s more to it than that” feels complete to me.

I have chosen well.

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    Glad to know you Bren, I really like the way you walk through life! PS. we need to get together for beers! Next week?

  2. Thanks!! Ditto!
    Yes please!

  3. 3

    I like the way you write.

  4. 4

    I like the idea that we choose our families. Because while mine are not Norman Rockwell by any means, I love them beyond compare and I know they love me.

    I’ve recently been trying to understand my belief system, wondering what my boundaries are. It’s lovely to explore what you believe in that way. Great site!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Melissa. Happy explorations! Belief systems are a fascinating subject. Stop by anytime.

    Bren the Zen

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